[thebigjewel] Inventory Of The Vaguely Remembered - September 6, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are ever mindful of...of...er...well,
of something we can't quite put our finger on at the moment. Have you ever
noticed that some people stick in your mind forever while others simply
hover there indistinct, nameless, half-forgotten and half-remembered, like
that one White House Press Secretary, what's-his-name, you know? Have you
ever noticed that? We have, too. And so has Ross Murray:

"Inventory Of The Vaguely Remembered"

By Ross Murray

Desiree McAllister
Grade 9

Desiree was at Roy Emery Middle School for only one year. She managed to
get into that gang with Marjorie Thomson and Felicity Wells, inasmuch that
she helped pad that little clique so it could legitimately be called "a
gang." She was the one with the bangs hanging over her eyes and who tried
(unsuccessfully) to give herself the nickname "Dizzy." Not to be confused
with Darlene Mickelson. She moved during the summer...

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