[thebigjewel] Inventor's Help Line Feedback - June 2, 2004

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Whether you like inventors, or inventor's help lines, or inventor's help
line feedback, or humor pieces about inventor's help line feedback, we
think you'll enjoy this week's offering at The Big Jewel, which by some
odd coincidence is called:

Inventor's Help Line Feedback

by Joseph O'Brien

Double-Decker Minivan
As you pointed out, this may be a sure sell in England, but we're afraid
the resulting lawsuits would drain away any potential profits. Regular
(single-decker) minivans already have a high tipping potential. The
double-decker would be a top-heavy death machine, liable to blow over at
the smallest gust. We'd see them rolling like tumbleweed down our highways
and byways...

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