[thebigjewel] "I am Robo-Maid. I am Here to Help" - November 1, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are still trying to invent a robot that
can do our jobs. Meanwhile, someone in Italy has invented a prize-winning
domestic robot. And Eric Feezell has invented a prize-winning comedic
premise about all that:

"I am Robo-Maid. I am Here to Help."

By Eric Feezell

Good morning, Mr. Neldam. I trust you slept well, or would have, had you
gone to bed at 22:00 last evening, as I recommended. I supplied my nightly
reminder at 21:45, but you did not acknowledge and continued with your
paperwork, Mr. Neldam. You should acknowledge, Mr. Neldam. Need I remind
you once more that I am designed specifically for your in-home personal

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