[thebigjewel] How To Reject The Female Leprechaun - February 4, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are all about the wearing of the green
and the perpetuating of the ethnic stereotypes. In this case, we predict
that the Irish will have more luck if they follow T.J. Szafranski's simple
advice for how to handle an amorous and marriage-minded leprechaun:

How To Reject The Marriage Proposal From The Female Leprechaun Living In
Your Washing Machine

By T.J. Szafranski

How else did you think leprechauns reproduce? The particulars aren't
important. Right now, you need to get yourself out of this marriage
proposal before you have little lucky charms running all over your house.
Do you have access to a high-powered meat slicer at all? Damn. What about
a kayak? Hell. A panda? Well then, looks like we got some work to do...

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