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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are always stirring the pot...the pot
that contains the shrunken heads. Not to go all Scarface or anything, but
the proliferation of cooking shows has us good and irritated. What do
these celebrity chefs know about cooking that we don't -- except for the
cooking part, that is? Well, we know a thing or two as well. For instance,
we know how to make, oh, say, soup:

"How To Make Soup"

By Brian Beatty

Recipes are for crybabies who play by the rules. That's the principal
thing you need to understand.

I will not care where it came from or what ancestral monkey handed it down
the branches of your family tree -- if I catch you trying to use a recipe
to make soup after I've made it perfectly clear that recipes are for
crybabies, you'd better watch out.

One of us is not playing around here...

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