[thebigjewel] How I Serviced 10,000 Women - February 2, 2005

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The Big Jewel's special two-part Valentine's celebration starts this week
with the amorous advice of that man among men, Justin Warner. Despite the
lurid title of his piece, it's really about finding the quickest route to
any woman's heart:

"How I Serviced 10,000 Women"

by Justin Warner

"Researchers from the University of California say that if men share
household chores?their wives will find them more attractive." -- Yahoo!
News release

Sure I sold myself. Who in our society doesn't? Just like anyone else, I
provided a valuable service. I made a lot of women very happy, if only for
a couple of hours. I gave them a kind of satisfaction that their husbands
and boyfriends just couldn't provide. Trust me: if they were getting it at
home, they wouldn't be coming to me...

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