[thebigjewel] Hot Dogs: Crisis In America - March 22, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we never confuse one thing with another,
except for that time someone said "Pass the ketchup" and we thought they
said "Pass the chainsaw." Anyway, it still made for lots of red. This week
we look at another kind of confusion, the kind that happens when people
mistake a simple good or service for something so complex, so mysterious
and terrifying, that only an almighty and all-knowing force -- like our
federal government -- can provide it for us:

"Hot Dogs: Crisis In America"

By Eric Feezell

When it comes to hot dogs, Americans aren't getting what they need. It is
estimated that over 44 million working Americans and their dependents do
not have access to hot dogs, while another 38 million have inadequate or
limited access. Together, these figures comprise nearly one-third of the
United States population -- an overwhelming chunk of Americans daily
forced to ponder: what if someone I love needs hot dogs? What if I need
hot dogs?...

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