[thebigjewel] Greetings From Parma - February 11, 2004

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This week The Big Jewel brings you a piece ripped from today's headlines!
Well, last month's headlines. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we
dedicate it to everyone who has ever succumbed to that sweet, warm
sentiment of wishing for someone else's slow and painful death.

Greetings from Parma -- Wish You Were Dead!

by Mollie Wilson

"[Parmalat chief financial officer Fausto] Tonna appeared in no mood to
co-operate when he arrived for interrogation yesterday. He turned to
journalists to say: 'I wish you and your families a slow and painful
-- Financial Times, January 6, 2004

BANK TELLER: Excuse me, sir, but there?s an error in your addition on this
deposit slip.
TONNA: Oh, is there really?
BANK TELLER: Yes, sir, see, in the billions column...
TONNA: Well, then, Mr. Smartypants Banker, why don?t you go somewhere with
your family and die, slowly and painfully?...

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