[thebigjewel] George Cunningham - August 17, 2005

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Here at The Big Jewel, our favorite color is plaid and every tune is
played on a set of bagpipes. And by an amazing coincidence, our bit of
comic relief this week comes from newcomer Tom Conoboy, who describes
himself thusly: "Tom Conoboy is a Scotsman undertaking missionary work in
England. He works in local government, one of those bureaucrats who sits
in his office all day shuffling bits of paper and counting paperclips.
Sometimes vice versa." We don't know whether he wrote this story while he
was supposed to be working, but we like to think he did:

"George Cunningham"

by Tom Conoboy

George Cunningham left the faintest of marks on existence during his
forty-two years and twenty-eight days of life. When he died -- in about
eight minutes' time -- he would be neither mourned nor missed...

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