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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we always put our tools away after using
them. So we know where to find them. Unlike this guidance counselor's
report from the thirties, which seems to have gotten lost many years ago
and somehow ended up on David Jaggard's desk. We realize that seventy
years is a long time to wait for career advice, but we're publishing it
anyway for the benefit of any other young people who think they shall
overcome the many obstacles involved in pursuing this line of work:

"From The Pop Culture Dead Letter Office"

By David Jaggard

Guidance Office
New York, New York
May 17, 1936

Guidance counselor's follow-up report for: Peter R. Seeger
rRe: Our meeting of May 15 about your plans for the future

Peter, it was good that we had that little talk the other day and I want
to share a few thoughts about it with you. First let's take a look at your
idea for pursuing a career in the manual arts. Here's the thing, Peter: I
have a hammer. And since you don't, but seem so intent on acquiring one
soon, there are a few things I think I should point out. For starters,
hammers make a lot of noise, especially on the harder woods like oak. For
the sake of your family and neighbors, I strongly encourage you, contrary
to your plans, to exercise the common courtesy of not hammering too early
in the morning. Or too late in the evening, for that matter...

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