[thebigjewel] From The Casebook Of Dreadlock Holmes - October 12, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we never consider it a crime to shoot the
sheriff. Our piece this week is in fact a gripping crime drama starring a
detective who spends all of his time in smoke-filled rooms -- with the
smoke coming from funny-looking cigarettes he rolls himself:

"From The Casebook Of Dreadlock Holmes"

By Ethan Anderson

At the foot of the portico at Dunbroke-on-the-Wye, I was left dumbstruck
by countenance: darker than a Moor's, and framed by thick cascading ropes
of benighted locks I can only liken to Medusa's, extending far past the
point of any notion of propriety I had yet brought it upon myself to
consider after fifteen years among the trollops, scalawags and
ne'er-do-wells that any Scotland Yard inspector engages while navigating
the multifarious skullduggeries of our calling...

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