[thebigjewel] Friday Is Jeans Day! - May 7, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where for some reason every Wednesday is
actually casual Friday. We hope you'll agree there's no finer guide to the
subtleties of office etiquette than Greg Boose:

Friday Is Jeans Day!

By Greg Boose

From the Marketing and Communications Department

Hello G&K employees,

This Friday is going to be a jeans day in the downtown and Cuyahoga Falls
offices for all employees. Everyone is encouraged to wear jeans and also
anything with the company name or logo on it. That means company T-shirts
if you have one.

This jeans day has been scheduled because of this weekend's Friends &
Families Fair taking place on Saturday (see attachment for directions and
general information), but it is also going to be in honor of one of
Greason & Kasper's most beloved employees who suddenly and unexpectedly
passed away late last week, Jerry Jeans...

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