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This week The Big Jewel is proud to bring you a simmering sample of the
most popular genre in publishing today: the romance novel. Of course, in
the clammy but capable hands of Ernst Albrecht, there is romance to be
found even in the predator-prey relationship:

Forbidden Fruit
By Ernst Albrecht

A frigid, frustrated wind blew with bitter petulance against every orifice
of the unbreachable stone tower. The tower was but the uppermost appendage
of architecture spread out over many acres and certainly over many
unmarked graves, where restless bones quivered in the worm-riddled clay.
Behind a small stained-glass window on the third floor flickered the light
of a single candle, a candle lit by the delicate hands of a maiden yet
unknown to the world, yet unchosen, yet unplucked in the perfumed gardens
of desire. She sat near her canopied bed crocheting a new bodice to fit
her young, vibrant body. Her name was Beaujolais, which was but a synonym
for desire itself....

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