[thebigjewel] Fighting Words - January 26, 2005

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This week The Big Jewel invites you to consider the problem of violence.
We want to go on the record as saying we think physical violence of any
kind is not funny...unless it is violence that happens only in the mind of
a person whose breathing gun has been stolen by that ferret-faced bully
Tyson Dale. And so we print a piece called "Fighting Words," but which
could just as well be called "The Confessions of Neil Pasricha"...

"Fighting Words"

by Neil Pasricha

I will have no problem doing it. I will have no problem taking Tyson
Dale's face in my palm like a bowling ball, my four fingers lodged hard
and firm into the upper cavity of his throat, my thumb screwed tightly
into the damp recesses of his nose, holding him tightly in my unrelenting
power grip of pain and pressure...

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