[thebigjewel] Eternal Damnation, One Day At A Time - October 2, 2002

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* Newcomer Mark Glinski serves up a tale of hell, and a view into all that 
happens beyond it's hot-to-the-touch gates. Have a good week, and thanks 
for reading The Big Jewel

Eternal Damnation, One Day At A Time
By Mark Glinski

Lance made his uncertain way down a long, dark, corridor. Bright light 
leaking from a crack underneath a closed door up ahead guided him forward 
and urged him on. Not that he needed urging. This corridor wasn't a 
pleasant place. For one thing, it was pitch-dark. For another, it was hot, 
and oh, so humid! The floor was was soft, squishy, and a little sticky in 
places. Each of Lance's footsteps sounded like an amplified pair of lips 
sucking on a peach pit. And, that was the least disgusting sound to be 
heard. Lance was unnerved by a certain persistent, loud, slow, thick 
bubbling, as if a gigantic pot of gumbo were simmering nearby. He also 
heard sporadic, weary utterances that could have been the moans of some 
suffering animals or the enervated ramblings of drunken hockey announcers. 
Whatever these wretched creatures were, they had every right to kvetch in 
this inhospitable place. 

The light from yonder door seemed to brighten with encouragement as Lance 
drew closer. He quickened his suction-cup steps, and when he finally came 
within a few feet of the door, he tripped over something, or perhaps 
someone, judging from the distressed squeal it emitted. Propelled forward, 
Lance ran smack into the door, which stopped him abruptly with a loud thud. 
On the other side of the door, Lance could hear a man weeping copiously. 
And then, he heard another man with a Slavic accent announce, "It's open!" 

Timidly, Lance entered the room. Ten or so men were sitting in a circle. 
Many of them looked disturbingly familiar. Several strange paintings of 
long-necked donkeys hung from the walls of this otherwise nondescript 

"Welcome to meeting," said the man with the Slavic accent. He had bushy 
hair and a very thick mustache. "You are here for meeting, yes?" 

What could this meeting be about? All answers revealed at 

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