[thebigjewel] Eric Feezell Sends A Few E-Valentines - February 13, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are trying to think of something nice
to do for our sweethearts this Valentine's Day. Why not have them read
Eric Feezell's heartbreaking confessional of young love gone wrong? If
that doesn't put them in the mood, nothing will:

Eric Feezell, Who's Not Bitter, Sends A Few E-Valentines To Ex-Girlfriends

By Eric Feezell

Dear Stacy,

Well, it's been a while Stacy. What, 16 years? Although you weren't my
first "girlfriend," according to the textbook definition, you were my
first kiss, and therefore my first "real girlfriend," according to the
Awkward Seventh-Grader Pocket Field Guide -- which doesn't really exist,
by the way. Had it, I might have known I was doing, and you might not have
broken up with me a mere two hours after that sloppy smooch...

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