[thebigjewel] Duck, Duck, Greatness - October 15, 2003

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Discover your inner child with The Big Jewel! This week we bring you a
delightful tale inspired by the recent New York Times Magazine cover story
on child athletes:

Duck, Duck, Greatness

by Mollie Wilson

An eager gaggle of schoolchildren sit cross-legged on the gravelly ground,
holding their breath, half-praying, half-dreading that they will be called
to compete. Around the perimeter stalks Justin Maloney, chanting a steady
mantra: "Duck. Duck." He pats each child's head with methodical precision,
never faltering. "Duck," he says again and again, as the children squirm
impatiently. Finally there is a barely perceptible break in Justin's even
rhythm, and as his hand comes down on a neatly-braided head, his lips
speak the fateful word: "Goose"...

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