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* Big Jewel veteran J. Pinkerton returns with a warm-hearted, sentimental
slice-of-life so oozing with holiday cheer that it's sure to bring the
whole family  together...in the unemployment line. Enjoy! 

* Also, have a safe and absolutely incredibly over-the-top happy 
holiday...from your pals at The Big Jewel. 

Dream (In Which I Run My Own Company)
By J. Pinkerton

"Paulson, you have three seconds to tell me why you're fired." 
"But I -- " 
"You're fired." 


"Henderson, you have leukemia." 
"But I kid. Actually, you're just fired. See, isn't that better? You may be 
fired, but you don't have leukemia." 
"I -- but I DO have leukemia." 
"I see." [pause] "Clean out your desk by five, Henderson." 


"Yes, sir?" 
"Ah, come in, Eckhardt. How's the family?" 
"Oh. Uh, good, sir. Very fine." 
"Top drawer. How about your little boy? Getting better at the ol' 
"Hockey, sir. Yes, he's getting very good." 
"Do you think he'd be any good at cleaning out your desk by five?" 
"I -- " 
"Because you're fired." 

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