[thebigjewel] Directions To The New House - May 20, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we always know just where we are. What's
more, we can tell you exactly how to get there...or rather, Curtis Edmonds
can. He's making his Big Jewel debut this week so please applaud loudly
enough for him to hear you:

Directions To The New House

By Curtis Edmonds

The get-together for next Friday is still on, despite the difficulties
many of you faced last time in getting here. Unfortunately, Google Maps
and the major commercial GPS systems have yet to put the new development
in their databases, so please pay close attention to the new directions.
Of course, once you get to the development, ours is the seventeenth house
on the left -- the one with the garden gnome that looks like Lyndon B.
Johnson sucking on a kumquat...

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