[thebigjewel] Digging Up Old Friends And Relatives - February 1, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we let the dead rest in peace...or is it
in pieces? This week we beat the dead horse of mortality in search of
amusement and amazement. Let it be known that we do not approve of grave
robbing, or even of cradle robbing:

"Digging Up Old Friends And Relatives"

By Helmut Reinhardt

Excuse me if the title of this article conjures up pictures of me actually
digging up the graves of my friends and relatives, stealing their gold
watches, diamond rings and other valuables. My friends and relatives were
all, as I found out, quite poor and ragged people at death, and the most I
ever reclaimed from any of them was a pair of brass knuckles. The most
interesting item I discovered was a doll in the coffin of a maiden aunt I
had always hated. The doll was a perfect likeness of me, and it made me
feel guilty to think that she had loved me enough to fashion this
marvelous little treasure in my image to keep by her side always...

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