[thebigjewel] Diary Of A Missing White Woman - April 30, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are always on the lookout for gripping
firsthand yet fictional accounts of abducted females who can't seem to
keep their priorities straight. Which is why it was love at first sight
between us and this week's diversion from Mike Richardson-Bryan:

Diary Of A Missing White Woman

By Mike Richardson-Bryan

Day 1

I've been abducted! There I was, waiting for the bus, when WHAM! Next
thing I know, I'm in the trunk of a moving car, my wrists and ankles are
tied with jumper cables, and I've got a lump on the back of my head. OWWW!
My abductor didn't take my grocery list or lucky sudoku pen, though, so I
can at least make a record of my harrowing ordeal...

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