[thebigjewel] Dear Doctor Castle - September 28, 2002

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Dear Doctor Castle
By Neil Pasricha

Dear Doctor Castle, 
I think I'm depressed. I'm constantly wondering about the meaning of life. 
I'm constantly asking myself what my real purpose is here and then thinking 
that maybe I just don't have one. Are these normal thoughts? Do I need 
Prozac or something? 
R. J. Kiplong 
Algona, Washington 

Hey R.J., 
I'm not really a doctor, man. My first name is just actually "Doctor." I'm 
serious. People think I'm a doctor because of my odd first name but, I 
swear, I am definitely not trained to help people with their medical 
questions. I don't have any answers for you. Sorry. 
Doc Castle 

- - - -

Dear Doctor Castle, 
I've been taking Flexeril for back pain for a few weeks now. Lately, my 
wife has complained about my lack of sex drive. Is this a side effect of my 
Sanjay Duma 
Greenville, South Carolina 

Hey Sanjay, 
I'm not a medical doctor, as you can see from my response above to R.J. I'm 
a mostly-unemployed 24-year-old graduate of Madison Community College. I 
got my education in VCR Repair and I specialize in Panasonics. I only got 
the temp job writing this help column because my uncle has worked for the 
paper for 15 years and he convinced them to give me a chance. So, I'm 
sorry, but unless you have any questions about the dangers of hitting eject 
before a tape is done rewinding, or the proper method for removing a stuck 
tape from a four-head Panasonic PV-V4021, I can't really help you. 
Sorry about that, 
Doc Castle 

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