[thebigjewel] Commencement Address At Schwarzenegger U. - June 17, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where every reader is an action hero as far as
we're concerned. And what, exactly, does one say to whole graduating class
of such heroes? Pete Reynolds knows:

Breck Steele (Class Of '89) Gives The Commencement Address At
Schwarzenegger University, The University For Action Heroes

By Pete Reynolds

Welcome, parents, faculty, alumni, distinguished guests, corrupt city
councilman, Turkish arms dealers, kung fu street toughs, intergalactic
robots, and members of the Class of 2009.

You know, if you'd told me twenty years ago that one day I'd be standing
here on this stage giving the commencement address at my alma mater, I
would have said, "You must be from the future?tell me who sent you. Was it
Reknar!?!?" You probably would have spit in my face, and I would have
pistol-whipped you. Yet, here we are...

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