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* David Jaggard returns to The Big Jewel with 'Club News: Notes and Minutes 
From Recent Meetings of Area Social Clubs, Hobby Groups and Special 
Interest Associations.' Check out The Big Jewel archive at 
www.thebigjewel.com/archive for more pieces by David, both with much 
shorter titles. For now, enjoy this refreshingly cool / unbearably hot 
Wednesday and have a good week.

Club News
Notes And Minutes From Recent Meetings Of Area Social Clubs, Hobby Groups 
And Special-Interest Associations
By David Jaggard

Tinfoil Reusers Guild

The TRG unites persons who share a passionate interest in preserving, 
recycling and reusing commodity goods to the vanishing point. At last 
Thursday's meeting members gave updates on their ongoing projects. Dee 
Eace's teabag is going into its sixth year and still has "plenty of flavor 
left." Sehar Wye showed some giftwrapping paper that has been passed back 
and forth between her sister-in-law and herself for a total of 28 
Christmases and birthdays and has served to wrap packages ranging in size 
from a costume jewelry ring to an outdoor barbecue oven. Junior member 
Petie Tehay shared his secrets for restoring chewing gum flavor and showed 
slides of his collection of vintage wads dating back to 1994. Chai Essayen 
passed around a plastic yogurt tub that she inherited from her grandmother 
and that still has the original lid. She is currently using the container 
as a receptacle for her collection of mid-20th century deep-fat frying 
grease. "I know some of the bacon drippings are from before 1978," reports 
Essayen, "because that's when we moved and I remember bringing them with us 
in a coffee can." Next month's meeting will be a tea luncheon at the Eace's 

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