[thebigjewel] Cigar Dream Journal Contest Winners - July 27, 2005

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Here at The Big Jewel, Eric Metaxas is the new American Idol! Yes, Eric
Metaxas Month continues with a piece that would make Freud stop puffing
away on cancer-causing phallic symbols...if he were still alive (Freud, we
mean -- Mr. Metaxas is alive and well):

"Cigar Dream Journal Contest Winners"

by Eric Metaxas

The First Annual Cigar Dream Journal Contest has exceeded our wildest
expectations. Although our proposal to sponsor a contest of dream journal
entries featuring cigars was initially greeted with derision (and then,
later, with scorn) we were confident of success from the outset. More and
more people are smoking cigars; more and more people are keeping dream
journals. It was only logical these trends should converge and a number of
these dream journal entries feature cigars...

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