[thebigjewel] Christmas Will Just Fade Away - December 29, 2004

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We invite you to visit The Big Jewel, where Seasonal Affective Disorder is
a year-round affair! Around here we enjoy celebrating the Two Weeks of
Christmas. Last week was the happy week. This week is the other week. Is
this a humor piece, or a cry for help, or possibly both? You decide:

"Christmas Will Just Fade Away"

by Ernst Albrecht

Santa got out of his sleigh, every joint aching with arthritis. In his
hoarse, wispy voice he told the deer to stay until he came back as he had
done for 500 years. Surely the deer would have stayed there anyway, for
they were nearly too tired to go on. Santa slipped on a snow-covered
shingle a few feet from the chimney, almost falling...

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