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Welcome to The Big Jewel, home of the body beautiful and the prose
priceless. This week please join us in admiring the shiny rippling
ripostes of John Jasper Owens, who has more muscles in his head than most
men have in their biceps:

Charles Atlas Shrugged

By John Jasper Owens

First off, it's pretty clear that when I kicked sand in your face it was
an accident. I was running to catch a beach ball, and in turning, I
inadvertently knocked up some sand, which, just by happenstance, flew onto
you, and partially on to Sylvia. I'm non-confrontational by nature, so I
was truly shocked when you chose to make an issue of it moments later. I
mean come on, it's a public beach. What would you have done if a Frisbee
had landed on your towel -- shattered it across your forehead? You need to
lay off the Red Bull or whatever. Your pupils were a bit dilated that day.
All I'm saying...

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