[thebigjewel] Cereal Around The World - October 29, 2003

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Do you enjoy a hearty bowl of cereal every morning? Well, you're not alone
-- at least, not as long as you're with your precious cereal. This week,
for a look at how others on this great big globe of ours enjoy their
cereal, The Big Jewel brings you a piece called:

Cereal Around The World

by Matt Weir

As men, and sometimes even women, know, cereal is an integral part of life
on this mild and temperate planet we call Earth. Cereal governs the most
basic of all human interactions, and, well, even if it doesn't, it should
is my point. Basically, what I'm saying here is that cereal is really,
really good. It's really good to eat cereal and milk from a bowl. Much
better than eating a bowl full of just milk, certainly, and almost
infinitely better than eating a bowl unfull of cereal...

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