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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we let your imagination run away with
itself, but then have the decency to put its picture on a milk carton.
Speaking of runaways, David Jaggard has some thoughts on one of the more
famous examples from pop music history. Del Shannon would be proud:

Case Closed:
Another Missive From The Pop Culture Dead Letter Office

By David Jaggard

Archless & Associates
Private Investigations
555 555th Street
Queens, NY

Mr. Delmont Shannon
444 444th Avenue
Jacks, NY

August 17, 1961

Dear Mr Shannon,

Please be advised that, as per your request, our agency has traced,
located, and investigated the movements and, insofar as possible,
motivations of one Kristy Lou Salfetto, formerly of 446 444th Avenue,
Jacks, New York. One of our field agents was able to meet with Miss
Salfetto and interview her regarding the two issues you have been
wondering about. In response to your first question, namely why -- why,
why, why, why, why -- she ran away, Miss Salfetto offered six reasons, one
for each "why"...

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