[thebigjewel] Boy, Intercepted - July 21, 2004

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The Big Jewel wants you to know that there is no hypochondria like the
hypochondria of a healthy young man. Join new contributor Robert Sudduth
in a navel-gazing exercise in ersatz terror called:

"Boy, Intercepted"

by Robert Sudduth

As I write this, I?m convinced that I have pink eye. To me, this is as
horrific a thought as sitting through a screening of an Olsen Twins movie.
The numerous internet sites that I?ve been to so far say that pink eye
isn?t life-threatening, a myth that I am certain my life will debunk.
"What a horrible ending," they?ll sniffle at my funeral. "To think that
poor boy spent his last few days on this earth looking like he took 32
consecutive bong hits"...

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