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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where customer service is our byword -- not our
credo or our actual practice, just our byword. This week's piece from faux
consumer advocate Eric Feezell (who has been described as "Just like Ralph
Nader, only with a better chance of becoming President") reveals the
depths of human misery and degradation that can be hidden in those three
innocent-seeming letters FAQ:

Best Buy Frequently Asked Questions: Returning A Damaged Item

By Eric Feezell

1. What is Best Buy's policy on returning damaged items?

While Best Buy's official policy states that we do accept returns on
damaged items, said items must be manufacturer defects (i.e.; must reflect
structural damage or operational malfunction at or before the point of
purchase). Our policy further states that once an item has been opened,
its tag removed, or its packaging altered in any manner whatsoever,
responsibility for the structural integrity of that item falls solely on
its purchaser...

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