[thebigjewel] Behind The Scenes With Disney's "Helen Keller" - February 25, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where there are none so blind as those who
refuse to read humor pieces about Helen Keller. Thank heaven John Frank
was able to see his way clear to writing one. You're a regular Miracle
Worker, John!

Behind The Scenes With The Writers Of The New Walt Disney Animated Feature
"Helen Keller"

By John Frank

WRITER #1: When the Disney execs came to us with the Helen Keller idea, we
thought it was amazing. But we had to give her story a universal appeal.
You know, in a broader way.

WRITER #2: Right. The deaf and blind thing was good, but we needed
something else; something everyone could identify with, so we took the
liberty of making her father a firefighter who dies while battling a blaze
at an orphanage...

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