[thebigjewel] Be My Ghost - May 4, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where runaway brides go when all the hotels and
bus stations in Vegas are full. This week we invite you to ponder
something far more frightening than current events in Duluth, Georgia.
We're talking about spooks, spectres, phantasms, or (in short)...ghosts:

"Be My Ghost"

by Helmut Reinhardt

Recently, two of my readers recognized me at the train station. The first
one approached me and was reaching into his vest pocket when a shot rang
out. Pulling a pen and paper from his pocket he gave a look that seemed to
say, "Will you please autograph this?" And then, as if the look were not
enough, he said those exact words and dropped dead at my feet. I'm highly
suspicious of anyone who reads my work, you see, and am inclined to shoot
first and sign autographs second...

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