[thebigjewel] Appendix To My Curriculum Vitae - October 5, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where your resume is just as honest as the next
fellow's. Unfortunately, the next fellow is Justin Kahn, and one of the
addenda to his curriculum vitae looks like this:

"Appendix To My Curriculum Vitae"

By Justin Kahn

Appendix One: Great Moments in History I Could Have Done

The Invention of the Wheel

When I look at a car I don't think, "Hey, maybe that thing would go faster
with square tires," or "Sure that race car is fast, but what if it had
triangular tires? Can I ask you that?" That is the kind of technical
ingenuity that history expects from its greatest inventors. Plus, I have
such a bad back that there is little surprise I would have been the one to
invent something that would aid in the transporting of heavy loads...

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