[thebigjewel] Anticipated Reviews Of My Unfinished Novels - October 22, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where the best literature always receives a fair
hearing...from the deaf, dumb and blind. Tyler Smith is one of two new
additions to our growing roster of Associate Editors (the other is Mike
Richardson-Bryan -- welcome aboard, guys!). But while he may be getting
some respect around here, he's taking a beating from the critics for books
he hasn't even finished yet:

Anticipated Reviews Of My Unfinished Novels, Had I Completed Them
By Tyler Smith

Patchouli Morning
The metaphysical impishness, erudition and breadth of vision in this
sexually charged roman à clef is Smith at his most vulnerable. We recoil
in horror as he recounts a series of heartbreaking trysts that recall --
then exceed -- Flaubert in both emotional power and literary merit.
Curiously, the novel stagnates for the first twenty pages with inane
references to pedestrian, adolescent love themes directed toward a
sophomore called only "Emily," but it then soars for the remaining 344
pages with a narrative and vision as taut and authentic as anything in the
Western canon since forever. And while the inclusion of the lyrics to
Metallica's "Fade to Black" in the prologue offers little in the way of
relevance, one is reminded that -- like black holes -- not everything
should be easily understood...

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