[thebigjewel] An Executive Producer's Notes to Rosie O'Donnell - October 18, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are all about the popular culture and
the weird celebrities. Well, not usually. But Rosie O'Donnell is like a
force of nature that cannot be ignored. Jay Dyckman makes his Big Jewel
debut with a piece of hard-hitting investigative Rosie reporting that he
produced the same way the real television journalists do -- he made it up:

"An Executive Producer's Notes to Rosie O'Donnell Regarding Her First
Month on The View"

By Jay Dyckman

To: Rosie O'Donnell
From: Bill Geddie, Executive Producer
Date: Friday, September 8, 2006
Re: Your First Week!!

Rosie's back!!

Let me just begin by saying, once again, how excited we all are to have
you on The View. Now, we all think this first week went pretty well, but
there's always room for improvement. So, please consider these notes as
merely helpful suggestions designed to make your transition here as smooth
as possible. First, that whole Koosh Ball thing kind of died with your old
show. Now, we appreciate the effort to reconnect with your fans, but it
seems a bit out of place here. Plus, one almost hit Barbara in the head...

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