[thebigjewel] Advice From A Lebanese Home Remodeler - October 11, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our specially patented time-release satire
delivery system, coupled with a lackadaisical editorial process, allows us
to be highly topical, give or take a few months. With the visit of the
Iranian president to the UN recently and the subsequent Hezbollah rally,
Michael Fowler's look at Middle Eastern home makeovers is actually
somewhat current again, entirely by accident. Sort of. As well it should

"Advice From A Lebanese Home Remodeler"

By Michael Fowler

Q. I'm redoing my twin sons' small (2x2x3 meters) bedroom to make it more
livable for them. I've repainted and bought new wood furniture including
bunk beds. My question is, what kind of rockets should I put in the room?
The boys, aged 8, have fired off all their old Kassams, which they liken
to flying car mufflers, and are begging for the powerful Raad missiles
that they saw on Al-Manar, even though they understand Raads are hard to
come by. The master bedroom and living room both contain Katyushas, and
I'm wondering if I should stick with the Katyusha motif for the kids...

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