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Here at The Big Jewel, all good things -- even Eric Metaxas Month -- must
come to an end. Yes, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is, that
joyous time of the year known as Eric Metaxas Month is drawing to a close.
The good news is, we've saved the best for last. Listen in as Mr. Metaxas
gives credit where credit is due:


by Eric Metaxas

It has been said that a book represents the efforts of not just its
author, but of all who have supported that author during the mysterious
process of creativity. While there is some built-in hyperbole and false
humility to such claims, my legal representatives advise me that I
nevertheless would be remiss in not acknowledging those persons who have
made it possible for me to accomplish what I fully expect will be reckoned
a significant -- dare I say unprecedented? -- work of creative genius. To
wit: let me begin by thanking my fourth and most recent ex-wife, Jane...

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