[thebigjewel] A Tour Of The Zoo - March 17, 2004

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This week The Big Jewel is going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you,
you? Follow along with our special audio guidebook:

A Tour Of The Zoo

by Neil Pasricha

(Sound of birds chirping and children laughing.)

Oh, hello! And welcome to the Metropolitan Zoo's Audio Guidebook. Thank
you for joining us today on a beautiful listen through the zoo. Weather
such as today's weather is perfect for our tour, so let's get going! Get
your bags together, make sure you have your hat on, and we'll begin. Press
"stop" on the tape now and then press "play" when you're ready to start.
So! (Long, uncomfortable pause.) You're blind. We know, it's pretty rough
(tuba blats) but you know what? It's also...good enough! (Bugle

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