[thebigjewel] A Sensible Proposal - October 22, 2003

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What on earth shall we do with the homeless? And above all, how can this
heartrending topic be turned into a heartless, politically incorrect piece
of humor at their expense? As usual, The Big Jewel has a very sensible
answer, and we think Jonathan Swift would be proud of us:

A Sensible Proposal

by J. Pinkerton


Let's kill the homeless.

And please -- don't misunderstand me. I don't mean to throw around a line
like "we should kill the homeless" loosely. No, I wouldn't suggest for a
second that we should "kill the homeless" as some kind of trite,
tongue-in-cheek Swiftian homage. You, the reader, are above that. I'm
above that. Even if you're not above that -- well, I am...

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