[thebigjewel] A Memo To Thunder - January 3, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where the New Year always brings more
embarrassing revelations from the world of professional sports. Start 2007
right with this memo to one of the most pitiable team mascots of all time
from our friend Jay Dyckman:

"A Memo To Thunder, The Golden State Warriors' Mascot, Regarding The
Upcoming Second Half Of The 2006-2007 Season"

By Jay Dyckman

Thunder: While the first half of this season has shown promise, management
feels, given the history of this organization, that it's best that we
prepare for the inevitable collapse. As you are surely aware, times have
been tough for the Warriors family. No championship since the '74-'75
season. Thirteen years without making the playoffs. Top draft picks traded
only to go on and produce for other teams. A coaching carousel. And an
increasingly bitter fan base stung by prior promising starts that are most
likely illegal under some type of bait-and-switch tort theory...

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