[thebigjewel] A Day In The Laugh - September 10, 2003

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We love sitcoms. We love the actors. We love the jokes. We love the
friendly, familiar premises that have only been used, oh, about eight
billion times. But more than anything, we love the laugh track. In fact,
we wish our own lives could be punctuated with this bizarre noise. And
that is exactly the idea behind this week's bit of non-televised comedy:

A Day In The Laugh:
If Life Had A Laugh Track

by Michael Pershan

SCENE: My Bedroom -- 6:30 a.m.

I am enjoying a deep slumber. My limp body is in an odd yet comfortable
position on my bed. My sheets have fallen off the bed. As I am in the
middle of a snore the alarm clock goes off.

Me: [grumbling] Oh come on...just five more minutes?

[laugh track]...

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