[thebigjewel] A Bare Bodkin - December 17, 2003

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where funny happens once a week but the memories
of funny last forever...because yes, they're that ugly and traumatic! This
week, your literary Santa Claus Kurt Luchs introduces you to a fictional
creator of fictional characters named Richard Bodkin:

A Bare Bodkin, Or: One Lunch, Naked, To Go

by Kurt Luchs

Once in a millennium, it is an editor's sacred privilege to play midwife
to a writer of earthshaking significance and eye-rolling originality.
Unfortunately, that hasn't happened to us yet, but until it does we are
honored to introduce our readers to Richard Bodkin, or "the San Francisco
Earthquake," as he is known to intimates. Mr. Bodkin, our readers;
readers, Mr. Bodkin...

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