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* As part of his plea bargain agreement, Big Jewel editor Kurt Luchs
cooperates fully with the authorities to bring you this very special 1040
form for the head of a very special type of family. Fill it out now, pay
your debt to the IRS, and get ready to pay your debt to society.


By Kurt Luchs

1040M U.S. Individual Mafioso Tax Return 2002

Use the IRS label. Otherwise, please print or type, or at least let Luigi
in accounting forge it for you.

Your first name and initial
Last name
Official nickname
Home address
No, your real home address
City, state, and ZIP code
Pool room where you can normally be reached
If a joint return, mistress?s first name and initial
Last name

Illegal campaign contribution
Do you want $10,000 to go to this fund? Yes_____ No_____
Note: Checking "Yes" will not shorten any currently pending prison

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