[TextEditor_mcc] Re: latest "improvements"

  • From: Jens Langner <Jens.Langner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: texteditor_mcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:08:09 +0200

Gunther Nikl schrieb:

> Hello Jens!
>>   * mccheader.c: added support for OS4/newlib use and slightly reintroduced
>>     some of the parts previously stripped by Gunther. We really should prefer
>>     code readability instead of minimizing passages.
> This is _utterly crap_ and you know that :-/ The things removed were
> _useless_ or _unnessesary_ - if you don't understand that, then don't
> touch that code!

Well, first of all calm down and stay professional and stop flaming me.
I am not perfect, you are not perfect. So lets get things sorted...

.. second, please raise every single issue here with the relevant code
passages as I don't have all of them in mind.

>   - USED_VAR on global data is stupid!

First of all. USED_VAR doesn't hurt/break the code, does it?
Are you refering to the const __abox__ variable? Are you sure that it
won't be stripped by GCC4.x in case USED_VAR is removed? If so, I
perfectly accept the change, but here I just readded USED_VAR as I found
it to be more security to explicitly state that this variable shouldn't
be touched and by explicitly having USED_VAR there a developer might
more easily understand it, hence a better readability.

>   - unnessecary casts are stupid!

Which casts are you talking about?

>   - redoing system work is stupid!

I guess you are refering to the "base->lh_Library.XXXX = XXXX"
assignments in the LibInit() function, right? As written there I
re-added it to be more consistent and for a better understanding and in
fact have a look at the IdString definition, you may spot that there
isn't the UserLibID+6 anymore as it caused MUI to not show up the loaded
class in its About window.

> That said I don't accept these "improvements".

And I didn't fully accept yours :) However, I am still fine with
discussing all things with you so that we can sort it out and have the
best solution committed to our SVN.

So just let me know (by submitting a diff) how you would change the
mccheader.c file again?!?

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