[TextEditor_mcc] Re: Welcome!

  • From: "Sebastian Bauer" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <texteditor_mcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 09:17:30 +0200

Jens Langner wrote:
> Until that, I would better propose to revert the MakeHookWithData()
> stuff Sebastian changed in SDI_hook.h. I guess he just missed that
> this MakeHook()/MakeStaticHook() are only allowed directly after the
> closing braces after a HOOKPROTO() definition. The current scheme
> doesn't allow to have two MakeHook() followed each other.

Yes I didn't know this. That's really weird, though.

> So, either we revert the stuff or we copy&paste the export hooks and
> make two out of them with removing the TRUE/FALSE h_Data alteration.
> Perhaps probably that would be even better than reverting sebastian's
> change as we would anyway change the ExportHook sooner or later.

I would rather suggest that Ilkka provides better macros by using HookEntry 
or whatever (I know that HookEntry works for example in SimpleMail). I 
wanted to do this myself, but I had no chance to test it really.

Jens and me are planing to release the first version of TextEditor at this 
weekend (preferable at saturday) to allow users to test it and because some 
imporant bug fixes have been done, too. Ilkka, do you thing you are able to 
fix the remaining issues of the MorphOS compile within this time?


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