[TextEditor_mcc] Re: TextEditor-Demo fixed

  • From: Jens Langner <Jens.Langner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 22:16:09 +0100

Hello Ilkka,

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 23:06:35 +0200, Ilkka Lehtoranta wrote:

>> This is a modified source of the TextEditor demo. It was reported to
>> crash on OS4 (request ID = 1376518) but in fact it didn't compile on
>> MorphOS or OS4.
> Seems it was never ported so... TextEditor-Test.c served its purpose
> quite  well though.

I agree. TextEditor-Test.c should be definitly prefer for our internal
tests. However, putting an OS4/MOS runable and compileable version of
TextEditor-Demo in the SDK stuff with one of the next releases is definitly
a good idea as TextEditor-Test.c should stay internal.

>> - MorphOS and OS4 port (SDI_hook.h used to avoid the compiler specific
>> stuff)
>> - better library management : they are now opened and closed correctly
>> - fixed the slider bug : it was used as an attribute of texteditor
>> before the slider exists
>> - removed the stack management due to crashes on some systems. do you
>> think the stack management is necessary for a such program ? I never
>> used that in my project.
> StackSwap() is irrelevant on OS4 and MOS:
> a) the default stack is 32kB
> b) StackSwap() doesnt swap PPC stack in MOS
> But it should be there for 68k builds.

I would simply raise the minimum stack requirement via defining variables
like __stack instead of dealing with all that StackSwap() hassle. IMHO.

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