[TextEditor-mcc] Re: MUIA_TextEditor_ContentsLen

  • From: "Gianfranco \"ShInKurO\" Gignina" <sh1nkur0@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: texteditor_mcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 12:37:34 +0200

Il 13-Mag-2009, Jens Langner scrisse:

> But ContentsLen does not always correspond to what an ExportHook will
> actually make out of it. For example, consider your are adding a text
> to a TE.mcc object with only control characters (e.g. bold, italic) and
> without any real text. When you then call the export hook the actual
> text that you will receive via ExportText() will have a strlen() of
> zero. However, the ContentsLen will still return > 0 because the
> control characters (bold, italic) are actually within the Contents
> variable, right?
> So perhaps it would be better to have an MUIM_TextEditor_ExportTextLen
> method instead? Or did I miss something? comments?

MUIA_TextEditor_ContentsLen is only len of plain text contained into TE, it
doesn't cosider any kind of style, like ExportText with Plain value does...
sure it could be possible that someone would know len of a text considering
an EMail exporthook or similar for example, uhm...
Ok, I'll see how to implement a MUIM_TextEditor_ExportTextLen before to
committ all:-)

btw, when do you believe you will release TextEditor and Yam for AROS? So I
can "sincronize" my next NoWinED AROS version with them...

Gianfranco "ShInKurO" Gignina


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