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Posted with permission from Mike

On Apr 2, 2012,  Mike Farmer <ruthsland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The anticipation is killing us.   In recent years, there have been fantastic 
> fallouts in Texas in the first 10 days of April.   So we know the big flights 
> are coming.
> But in the meantime, it’s indeed fun to see the beginnings of spring 
> migration in the two night listening stations that we now have in Austin.   
> It’s amazing what a different perspective it gives.   Sort of like when 
> doppler radar was first presented to the world as a look at the comprehensive 
> picture of the movement of the birds.   Well, a listening station also gives 
> you a more intimate but definitely broader look at the movement going over.   
> It would take a lot of daily field work for one person to say that 
> clay-colored sparrows are moving through the Austin area.   But there they 
> are in the night data starting March 20th and slowing building in numbers 
> through the rest of the month.
> Anyway, the last half of March is now producing 50 to 100 birds per night 
> unless north winds or rain was recorded.   Even calm windless nights saw 50+ 
> most nights.   This is up from the first half of March when the highest 
> number was closer to 30 on southern winds.
> Sparrows still dominate.  GHSP, CCSP, LISP and CHSP are increasing rapidly.  
> The ever present SVSP shows no sign of decline but is being reduced in 
> proportional numbers by the rise of the other species.
> We see hints of the warblers to come.   BAWW, waterthrush, and various 
> uncatergorized others.   Austin is on the western edge of the great warbler 
> migration.   It will be interesting to see what we get at night.  
> We have placed a new listening station half way to Houston, Tx from Austin 
> which started this last weekend.
> I can’t believe there’s not one in Eastern Texas.   Near High Island!   Can 
> you imagine the fun that would be!   Anyone there?   Hello?   Anyone?
> -Mike Farmer
> equipment
> Mic – Oldbird 21c
> Software – Oldbird tseep, thrush, GlassOFire, Raven Pro

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