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  • From: Serge Beaudette <sbnature@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 01:00:58 -0400


The last two years, I went to Texas to guide two groups of French Canadians 
birdwatchers between March 20th to 30th...

This year, I will come back, but between April 10th to 20th... I know that I 
will find least of Wintering birds but I hope to find more migrating birds!!!

I want to update my tour for the migration and I would really appreciate your 
help to make of this trip the "trip of the life" of the people of my group!

Here is all our tour:
Start at San Antonio to go first 2 days in the area of Rock Port and Port 
1) Do some of Whoopers could be find north of Goose Island SP or it's too late?
2) I planned to visit Goose Island, Paradise Pond, Leonabelle Turnbull,... Do 
you know better site for the migration? Connie Hagar, Aransas wood, Rockport 
Demo Bird Garden,...?

After, we will go south for Laguna Atascosa, South Padre Island (2 days) 
(convention center, boardwalk, Sheepshead),...
3) On the road, have some good sites that I cannot missed?
(We're interest to know where are our best chances to see the Aplomado 

The third part is the Valley (3 days)! All the known sites: Santa Ana, Bentsen, 
Estero Llano, Quinta Mazatland, McAllen Nature Center, Audubon Center, 
Edingburg, Anzalduas,...
4) For the migrates birds, some sites are better than other or not on this list?

After that, San Ygnacio, Falcon SP and the road to go at Laredo...
5) (Just for a day...) but there are some other sites I cannot missed?
(We're interest also by recent sight of Red-billed Pigeon, Audubon's Oriole, 
Muscovy Duck,...)

The last part : Laredo to San Antonio (2 days)... Friedrich Park for Golden 
Cheeked Warbler and other birds...
6) You think about some other good sites on the road or around Laredo or San 

Last years, I received your help with a VERY VERY GREAT 
generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks again!) Many travellers talk to me again of 
theses great experiences!!! If you're able to help me again, I will appreciate 
a lot!

Thanks in advance and have a good spring with MANY birds!!!!

Here's the links to see list of birds and many beautiful pictures of birds that 
I took during our trip:
2010: http://www.pitpitpit.com/photos/texas-10-1/index.htm
2011: http://www.pitpitpit.com/photos/2011_texas/03_22.htm (and links at the 
end of each page (day by day))
(list of our 196 species: 

P.S. Sorry for my not perfect and intuitive english writting...

Serge Beaudette,
Quebec, CANADA

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